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Radar Designation Type/Purpose User Status Comments
3D CAR Group Surveillance Radar for Akash; 360 degree; 3D; S band; 150km range (small fighter class targets); Planar Antenna - phased in elevation; 3 vehicles IAF/IA Production

8 Squadrons for AF would require 8 radars; Army has ordered 2 regiments with six batteries each - at least 2 CAR will be required. Overall numbers of 3D CAR including Rohini & TCR may be 100.

Source:Massive Akash SAM orders a boost to desi pride

Surveillance radar derived from 3D CAR IAF Production 37 ordered in total; Second tranche ordered after excellent results in 2001-02 during the Parakram standoff, when 3D CAR could detect even small RCS UAVs at long distance
Surveillance radar derived from 3D CAR for naval use; stabilization for antenna developed by L&T; extra capability to detect sea skimming missiles against clutter Indian Navy Production 2 ordered for initial ASW ships
Tactical Control Radar
Compact version with 2 vehicle footprint, non mast antenna, developed for Army; 90 km range as versus 150km for full scale version Indian Army Production ~28
Rajendra MFPAR (Multi Function Phased Array Radar) PESA radar with 80 km range against small fighter targets; C-Band, 360 degree swivel capability; radar on T-72 tank (BLT-2 variant) for Army), trailer for AF; Surveillance, Fire control, IFF functions; 2 Vehicles - one radar, second - Battery Control Center which is the Radar Control Unit and also controls an Akash battery Indian Army/AF Production 28
Swathi Weapon Locating Radar Rajendra derivative for counter battery fire; range of upto 40 km for large artillery shells (155mm); 2 vehicles, radar and data vehicle; power vehicle Indian Army Production


Cleared intensive trials in 2010-11; orders placed in 2011-12; long in development, had to face hurdles after components were sanctioned post 1999 nuclear tests. Rajendra program developed these systems locally.

MPR - Arudhra
LLTR- Ashwini
Project India
MPAR (SV-2000)
MPAR (XV-2004)